Ink Attack: Summoner Showcase #108

By nikasaur

This showcase is packed with permanent ink and a bevy of balloons, to some of the best Draven cosplay you've seen yet. Oh, and art? Yeah, we got art. What are you waiting for? For some of the coolest community creations yet, hit play!


League tattoos

Players around the world ink themselves (permanently!) with iconic League of Legends imagery and characters – check out these awesome tattoos from the community.


Melt me down

Skyefire actualizes the steamy, forbidden romance between fire and ice with Brand and Lissandra, two forces of nature willing to embrace despite the consequences. Some say the world will end in fire, others in ice, but everyone can expect this relationship to end when their feelings melt away.


Ahri de pins

Cartoony pin-up style with classic Ahri poise? Sign us up. Kima's combined two art styles to showcase Ahri in a whole new way. We like!


Balloon Blitzcrank

When Quondem in the back said get ready to attack, it turned into a balloon Blitz! Crank, that is. This massive balloon Blitzcrank is as impressive as level 1 blind grabs.


Darius axe

Shadow Fergo's little Darius axe can go anywhere he needs to strike fear into his lane opponent. Sure, it won't do as much damage as Darius' ultimate, but your enemies won't know that…


Draven cosplay

Shinrajunkie's uncanny Draven cosplay gains my adoration instantaneously. The 'stache is perfect, his eyes are just crazy enough and those axes look like they could cause some serious pain in the bot lane. Shinrajunkie does it with style!


Contribute to the Showcase with your own creations! Head to our submission page and send in your stuff now!

6 years ago

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