Cosplay, Clay and Colors: Summoner Showcase #112

By nikasaur

Break out the best in community-created art, cosplay and crafts; you know what time it is. Ready for an armoire-full of armor, creative colored sketches and a headhunting sculpture? All this and more in this edition of the Summoner Showcase.

Killer in clay

EmilySculpts designed and delivered this delightful addition to Rengar's collection. From the exquisite details on the blades to the raw feral power of his scream, Headhunter Rengar comes alive, though thankfully not too alive, in this sculptured rendition of the Pridestalker.

Bark again

In Chronomorph's deft hands, the Twisted Treant really branches out. Surrounded by the subtle terror of the jungle around him, Maokai stands imposing, blocking the path. And yet, from this angle, you'd swear that might just be a happy smile on his face. Or the terrifying grin of a plant king who's got you rooted just where he wants you. Let's just move on, what's next?

Fire-eyed Fiora

The blistering gaze of this black-haired beauty only underscores her mastery of the dance of death. Yaya Han comes alive as Fiora in these photographs by Martin Wong and LJinto. Staring down the blade of her rapier, she's as imposing as the Grand Duelist should be.

VI-ing for power

Digimitsu puts us on the receiving end of a wicked left hook. The Piltover Enforcer is ready to punch first and ask questions while punching. She looks ready to detain us with those hints of her city behind her, swathed in neon pink and clearly under her protection.

Awash in flair

Chubbi Bani debuted her “fin”-ished Nami cosplay at Anime Expo this year. The incredible attention to detail sells the Tidecaller throughout the cosplay. And how did she end up ashore, awash in Anime Expo? I'm not sure, but I seem to remember a story about Nami and a pearl?

Light in the darkness

Lucian's twin weapons flare in KADU-OUT's lights-out cosplay. With a head-to-glow attention to detail, this cosplay melds magic to bring Lucian to life. Will he ever know peace? 

On that note, it's time to search out our hearts in our art. We need your talented crafts, cosplay and whatever other creative skills you keep hidden away like Thresh stealing…oh, forget that, just send the goodness to our submission box and we'll see you next episode.

6 years ago

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