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By Tummers, Ostrichbeernana

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This week, we’re talking easter eggs and lore books.

Are there any hidden easter eggs in League?

I can’t speak for the rest of the game, but as someone who worked on the Summoner’s Rift map update, a few things come to mind. Looking over the map, I remember Easter eggs were something we wanted to add in FOREVER, but because we had set such a high standard for our ourselves to finish the art, we kept pushing it out. After every sprint, we'd say “I'd love to put in this or that Easter egg.” At the end of development, we finally got a couple of weeks to jam on it and the team went nuts. My personal favourites are the immortalised old 'sock puppet baron head' and Helmet Bro's helmet sprinkled around the Rift. :D (video content discovered/created by users)

Though I can’t confirm or deny any specific finds, the community has done a great job of investigating the map and coming up with theories, like in this video.

RiotOtown, Senior Concept Artist

Will we ever get books about the characters of League? Or a book that tells the whole history of League?

It's certainly something we've talked about, and many of us (myself very much included) are keen to do at some point - though there are no solid, locked-in plans just yet. We definitely want to tell more stories. For now, we feel that shorter stories like Burning Tides: The Reckoning, Shadow and Fortune, Bird and the Branch and Bloodline are a little more accessible, able to be created quicker, and are a good way for us to see what players think of them, what resonates, etc. As long as you are reading them and enjoying them, we'll be looking to do more.

Ant in Oz, Product Lead/Narrative Lead of World Building (Foundations)

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