Buy Championship Ashe and raise money for charity

By Kushnood

Last year everyone who purchased a Championship skin contributed to the Worlds prize pool. This year we’re taking it one step further. A cut of the proceeds from Championship Ashe sales add to the 2017 Worlds prize pool—and determine how much we donate to three global charities. Each one supports causes that players we asked care about: mental health care, access to education, and access to technology. We also partnered up with these charities to develop specific projects and goals we can fund, track, and achieve together.

The Charities

BasicNeeds builds sustainable programs that support people with mental illness and epilepsy in low- and middle-income countries. BasicNeeds trains and engages local governments and nonprofits to build working models of prolonged mental health advocacy and support. They aim to expand programs into three additional countries with the goal of aiding 250,000 more people over three years.

Learning Equality enables access to high-quality education in communities without Internet access, breaking the cycle of poverty around the world. They’ll further develop and launch their offline learning platform Kolibri to provide rich digital experiences for underserved students in over 175 countries.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation crafts low-cost computers for people all around the world use to learn and have fun with computing. All sales fund their technology education programs like CoderDojo. They plan to host 5,000 more coding dojos in communities across South America, India, China, and East Africa.

How Your Contribution Works

25% of Championship Ashe sales go to the 2017 Worlds prize pool, just like last year.

Additionally, Riot will match 25% of all Championship Ashe sales during Worlds 2017 to form a charity fund. Later on, you can vote on which cause you support the most—the higher your Honor level, the more weight your vote carries. The highest-voted charity will get 50% of the total pool, and the remaining amount will be split equally between the other two.

We’ll let you know when voting begins and how to lock in a vote for your favourite charity.

2 years ago

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