Featured Streamer: Tiensinoakuma

By StillRampant

This week we're pleased to bring you featured streamer TiensiNoAkuma. A veteran summoner since launch, Tiensi made his mark on the competitive scene in Season 1. Since then, he's been a mainstay in ranked League of Legends, consistently reaching the upper echelons of ranked play. Presently he's embroiled in an ongoing quest to break into the coveted Challenger Tier.

Rather than make a run at the LCS, Tiensi's decided to focus on helping other summoners level up their skills while he finishes his Computer Science degree at Johns Hopkins. He's particularly well known for his pro performance on Katarina in both top and mid lane. You can check out his YouTube channel for guides and analysis, or catch him live this week on his twitch.tv channel.

He starts streaming daily at 4 PM PST.

6 years ago

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