Featured Streamer: Entenzwerg

By StillRampant

Entenzwerg is a fearsome AD carry who's risen to the top of EU West's Challenger tier, twice. He's also our next featured streamer. Known for his positive attitude and willingness to learn from his mistakes, Entenzwerg is a perfect to watch for aspiring AD carry players.

Check out Entenzwerg for a steady flow of League of Legends wisdom and violence. His studious approach to the game has kept him at the tip-top of EU West's solo/duo queue for much of Season 3. In 2012, he had brief runs with competitive team play, including a stint with Team Millennium, during which the team took home the LDLC Nashor's Trophy.

Currently a free agent, Entenzwerg looks to continue his dominance of Challenger tier and show that not every top player requires a team. One tip? If you spot him playing Kog'Maw, sit down and pay attention. Kog is his favorite champ and his skills with him are a sight to behold.

Entenzwerg's stream is for the night owls and the (very) early risers. Catch him from Monday to Thursday around 4 AM PDT.

6 years ago

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