Welcome to the Finals – Winners announcement

After reviewing hundreds of incredible entries, we are now able to announce the grand prize winners for the Welcome to the Finals Contest. The quality of the entries was so high that we have awarded an additional grand prize winner! These three lucky summoners will be heading to Los Angeles to attend the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Finals!


Ultima                                     Jtimeau               






There were also five entries that notched third prize, 12 submissions that earned an honourable mention and another 20 that were runners up. Make sure you check your email to see if you won!


Second Prize (TPA Bundle)


- CommandoKitty27

- Kurt Stevoz

- Littlix

- Xanski

- Dannatazza

- Schrodingers Lag


Third Prize (Lucian + launch skin and Thresh + launch skin)


- Reavers6

- brennen6195

- Comrade Putin

- Nemios

- Nookronomicon

- Nyotera

- Kastorilo

- Auriel Mournstar

- Chrisdog203

- NightLockKills 

- Manifesto


Honourable Mention (10 win IP Boost)


- Freya

- President Obama 

- DeadMenWalk2nd

- Bobtob

- Asterii

- Retroclaw

- wr3ckit

- xLightEdgex

- Azzareth

- Cheskawa

- xsno0p dawgg420x

- LuckyCharm

- Dinglez

- Marsdeaney

- GosuPerngz

- Completion

- BlissKaZE


Please note that one Third Prize winner and two Honourable Mentions have yet to reply to the email and claim their prize.


Congratulations to all the participants, and thank you for all the effort you put into your submissions!

6 years ago

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