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Do you want to be there when legends are made?

A spectacular LCS season has come to a close in Oceania.  All the emotion and passion of the past year culminated in an action-packed climax at PAX Australia. Team Immunity then went to worlds where they put up a strong showing but were unfortunately eliminated in the Semi Finals.

Beginning on the 15th of September, fourteen International teams will face off until only two remain. Then one team will rise above all others to claim the Summoner’s Cup and the title of Season 3 champions. The legendary Staples Center in Los Angeles will host 20,000 screaming fans for the final best-of-five showdown.  It promises to be a historic night.

We are offering two Oceanic Summoners the chance to join Riot on an exciting journey: A trip to L.A. to attend the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Finals!

To enter, we want to see your creativity in action. Using everyday objects, create a full build of six powerful new items for use on the Fields of Justice. This can be anything from the Extra-slot Backpack of Power to Teemo’s Socks of Increased Movement Speed. See some more examples below.

How to Participate

  • Take pictures of 6 everyday objects around you to turn into imaginary League of Legends items
  • Drop the photos into the template
    • You can use any image editing software you like. Gimp (http://www.gimp.org) and PhotoScape (http://www.photoscape.org) are two freeware programs you can download for this
    • Add descriptions for your items
    • You should end up with an image like this one:

Submission Example

  • The Contest is now Closed. Please ensure you use a real email account as this will be how we contact the winners. The file format must be .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png
  • Submissions will be open from September 13th at 3pm AEST until September 20th at 11:59pm AEST
  • On September 24th, 40 winners will be chosen, including the 2 grand prize winners who will come with us to Los Angeles for the Season 3 World Championship Finals.
    • Prizes:
      • 40th to 21st – 10 Win IP Boost
      • 20th to 9th – Lucian + launch skin & Thresh + launch skin
      • 8th to 3rd – TPA Bundle (Champions and skins)
      • 2nd to 1st – We’ll be bringing you to the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Finals!


Don't delay and miss your once in a lifetime chance to attend the Season 3 World Finals!

6 years ago

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