Sunday Morning LoLz Contest Voting

By Average Gatsby

Voting for the Sunday Morning LoLz comic contest is now open! Anyone is eligible to vote, and we’re looking forward to seeing comic creators sharing their entries! Spread the word, get out and vote, and feel free to share your creations on social media.

Based on your feedback, we’re running the vote differently this time. All entries will be displayed randomly, with no sorting or searching. Every entry not disqualified by the contest rules is up for vote. We’re not revealing vote totals and we’ll be using positive votes only—so give kudos to the stuff you like and ignore the comics that don’t quite hit the mark for you.

Voting ends on February 24 at 11:59 PM Pacific, so click here to vote now!

Don’t forget what’s at stake:

Five (Two from Riot and Three From the Community) Grand Prize winners will snag:

Five Runner Up winners will snag:

Five Honorable Mention winners will snag:

  • 20,000 RP

5 years ago

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