Mundoface contest!

By Dr Mundo

It good being Mundo. Throw cleavers, boss around minions, go where pleaseā€¦

Everyone should be more like Mundo. Mundo show you how to do iconic face, then you take picture and put on Twitter so Mundo can bask in own likeness. WRITE #OCELOL AT END OF TWEET. Mundo feel generous and give free stuff to winners.


  • Follow @LOL_Oceania on Twitter
  • Take a picture doing your best Dr. Mundo impression
  • Post photo on Twitter and write #OCELOL at end of Tweet

Mundo put your Tweets on and show on big screen at EB Expo. Mundo choose ten winners randomly each day for Super Mundo Prize Pack. MUNDO DEMAND EXCITEMENT OR CHASE YOU THROUGH JUNGLE.

Prize packs include:

  • 1000 RP
  • Dr. Mundo champion
  • Mr. Mundoverse skin (DO YOU EVEN LIFT LIKE MUNDO?)

Do Mundo face, get chance to win Mundo prizes. WHERE MUNDOPHONE TO TAKE AWESOME? Contest runs from October 4 to 6, so get to work!!

The winners will be announced on @LOL_Oceania.

6 years ago

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Dr. Mundo

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