Beat Saber + K/DA x OCE = Prizes

By Gehirn

K/DA’s POP/STARS is coming to Beat Saber. Check out the microsite to learn more about what went into this collaboration with Beat Games.

A few OCE Rioters who regularly play Beat Saber had a crack at the song, trying to one-up each other and set a high score. Now it’s your turn. Below are our thoughts on the POP/STARS beat map and the records of our attempts:


This beat map comes with the quality you’d expect from an official map, with a full range of difficulties that scale linearly. The harder difficulties set a good pace and aim to challenge you while still feeling fair and exceptionally fun to play, though I’m not nimble or practiced enough to tackle Expert+.

High Scores:
Hard - 367,645
Expert - 479,897


I play POP/STARS on repeat almost everyday and it’s the same case with this Beat Saber track! It does a perfect job of making me feel like I’m replicating the dance as well as remaining challenging enough to keep me striving for a better score! I jumped right into Expert+ after I first loaded it up and quickly realised that it was way above my skill level. I think Expert is where it’s at for me, once I’ve perfected that I’ll move onto Expert+!

High Scores:
Expert - 461,544
Expert+ (Mods: Slow, No arrows) - 223,296


I’ve been a little obsessed with both Beat Saber and POP/STARS since they came out, so this has been the best (or worst??) combination for me. Expert+ has absolutely destroyed me - how is anyone this fast? I barely completed it - and actually fell over at the end. That’s my exercise for the year.

High Scores:
Hard - 281 348
Expert+ (Mods: Slow) - 317,030
Expert+ (No Mods) - 499,288

So, here’s the deal: If you can beat Gehirn’s score on Expert (479,897), or Achenar’s score on Expert+ (499,288) you can go into the draw to receive the K/DA skin of your choice (excluding Prestige Edition skins).

If you already own all the K/DA skins and are drawn as a winner, then you may nominate a different skin valued at 1350 RP as your prize.

If you do not own the champion for your selected skin then you will receive the champion as well.

To submit your entry head to this form, fill out your summoner name, the difficulty setting you selected and provide a screenshot as proof of your achievement.

This challenge is only available to players in OCE.

Up to five winners will be drawn on Monday, 7th January 2019, and announced on the OCE Boards at 13:00 AEDT.

10 months ago

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