Announcing winners of Sunday Morning LoLz contest

By Average Gatsby

After the exhausting effort of letting a computer calculate the vote totals for us, we’re ready to announce the winners of our Sunday Morning LoLz comic contest!  Thanks to everyone who submitted their work, and many thanks to the community who came out to support the artists with their votes.

Check out the grand prize winners below!

justduet (NA) - Ward Wars

TranQuilleTic (EUNE) - Taric's Terror

pizpaz (NA - Riot Choice) - Speed Dating with Lux

HauntedSocks (EUNE) - The Encounter

joelyface (NA - Riot Choice)- The Invisible Woman

The runners-up were Lolily (NA), Gael Rice (NA), Alailima (NA), dementdistortion (EUW), and pturchio (EUW). Honorable mentions go out to Jamsino (EUW), metokuron (NA), EzreaI (OCE), DandLee (NA), and tunako (NA).

While there were only fifteen winners in this contest, we laughed in awe at loads of ludicrously talented entries.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the runners-up, honorable mentions and other new featured comics, and we’ll see you on the Fields of Justice!

5 years ago

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