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Oceanic Artathon: Round 1 Results

Voting has closed for the first sprint of the Oceanic Artathon. If you need more gorgeous Ionian art in your life, this is a good place to start.
1 week ago

Ionian Art Contest: Voting Live

It's time to vote for your favourite Ionian fanart! There are so many amazing entries in the first round of the Oceanic Artathon, but you can only choose one...
2 weeks ago

Oceanic Artathon: Yordles Art Contest

Round 2 of the Oceanic Artathon focuses on those furry critters from Bandle and beyond: yordles!
2 weeks ago

Oceanic Artathon: Ionian Art Contest

The first leg of the Oceanic Artathon is the Ionian art contest. Get your entries in before EOD 6th May.
3 weeks ago

Oceanic Artathon

Test your skills in a marathon challenge!
1 month ago

Void Writing Contest: Results

The votes are in! Here are the winners of the 'A Touch of the Void' writing contest.
1 month ago

A Touch of the Void writing contest – voting open

Check out the community’s submissions for the Touch of the Void Writing Contest, and vote for your favourite.
1 month ago

'A Touch of the Void' writing contest

To celebrate the release of Kai'Sa and all the new Void lore on Universe, share your Void-flavoured writing with us for a chance to win!
2 months ago

Lunar Revel Art Contest Results

Check out the community’s fanart creations for the Lunar Revel art contest!
2 months ago

Lunar Revel art contest ends soon!

Send your artwork in before submissions close Sunday Feb 24, 23:59 AEDT.
2 months ago