Senna Community Kit

By Riot Swimbananas

Now that Senna has returned, we wanted to make sure you had everything you needed to celebrate League’s newest champion. So, to help, we’ve collected a ton of assets! In-game turnarounds, music files for her new theme, and the 3D file for her new weapon are all ready to inspire you!


Want to know what’s going on under her cape? Curious what exactly her shoes look like? Wonder no more! In addition to Senna turnarounds, we are happy to share the new cinematic Lucian turnarounds. These should kickstart all your cosplay and fanart ideas. Download them directly here!


Senna has not only her in-client theme, but also the music from her cinematic reappearance. We are happy to share music files, as well as her voiceover lines to make all your video edits and music covers that much easier.

3D Model

For the first time ever, we’re happy to provide the 3D model of her railgun. Now you can get into all the nitty gritty details, and even 3D print it so you can carry around a weapon way, way too big for yourself. Download it directly here, but be warned, it's a BEEFY file! 6 gigs worth of 3D Senna gun goodness!

High Resolution Art

Nothing quite shows off your passion like covering all your computer screens in your favorite champion splash art. Download Senna’s splash, several high resolution images from the cinematic, as well images as of the Shadow Isles and Lucian right here.

And that’s it! Thank you for helping us celebrate Senna’s launch. Just make sure you tag League of Legends on social so we can see what you create.

2 weeks ago

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