Watch Riot PAX panels LIVE this weekend

By GeneralCoxy

PAX Australia kicks off this Friday, and with it comes three days of Riot panels. From Cosplayers to OPL Pros, Shoutcasters to League Masters, our panelists are ready to talk all things League of Legends.

Check out the schedule for a full list of going ons, but for a quick fix, see below!


Becoming a Professional eSports Player: LIVE FRIDAY NOV 4 FROM 6PM - 7PM AEDT 
New Champion Creation: LIVE SATURDAY NOV 5 FROM 3PM - 4PM AEDT
Top 5 Pain in the Ass Champions to Balance: LIVE SUNDAY NOV 6 FROM 11AM - 12PM AEDT 


Cosplay How To: Friday Nov 4, 11 am - 12pm AEDT
Becoming a Shoutcaster: Saturday Nov 5, 12:30pm - 1:30pm AEDT
Working at Riot Games Oceania: Sunday Nov 6, 3:30pm - 4:30pm AEDT

*Sessions that are VOD only will take a couple of days to make it online. When they do you can view them here.

2 years ago

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