Twisted Treeline Test


Greetings Summoners!


Starting this Sunday (13th of October) we are going to begin an experiment to see if we can support an additional queue.


What map will it be?

We will be testing the Normal Twisted Treeline queue.


When will it be open?

We will open the TT queue during prime time from 7PM to 12AM AEDT. The goal is to start safe and create as healthy an atmosphere as possible.


How long will the test run for?

The test will run over four consecutive Sundays in order to gather enough data to determine what the next steps should be.


What will you do with the results?

The results will help determine whether we should trial longer queue time windows, or whether we should continue to wait for the server to grow. We will provide an update on our strategy the week after the test period ends.


Does this mean TT will be opening soon along with Ranked 3v3?

No. The best case scenario in the short term is that we extend the trial period and widen the time Normal TT is open. Ranked 3v3 is a completely separate issue to tackle.


How can I help?

If you are a TT fan, be sure to crush faces and capture Altars when it is open! Please note that you must be at least level 7 to join the queue. Participation will provide us with information as to whether we can support an additional queue, so be sure to bring your friends.


Make sure to check out this thread on the forums if you have any questions about the testing process!


6 years ago

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