Riot prizing comes to Teamfight Tactics!

Since the launch of Team Fight Tactics in June, we have seen some really awesome community led tournaments popping up, so have decided to extend out a customised TFT version of our existing 'Prized Events' program. Starting from right now, if you are running a TFT tournament of at least 32 players, you can apply for Riot to provide you some Little Legends eggs to give away to the winners of your event!

We want to encourage the community to create and experiment with different formats. So the format of your TFT tournament is entirely up to you as the organizer. We’ll let you know if your format is suitable for receiving prizing support when your event goes through the approval process.

To seek prizing approval, head to the Community Events website, log in, and create an event.
Note that there currently isn’t a category for TFT in the “Map” selection under Section 5 - Event Details. So just select Summoner’s Rift while ensuring that your Event Name and Description make it clear that this is a TFT tournament.

Check the FAQ for more details around using the Community Events process, but do note that in OCE players are not required to sign up to tournaments through the Community Events website. There are plenty of third-party websites to manage and advertise your event so we recommend checking those out.

2 months ago

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