Ocean Week Update

By The Hanshmear

When we first cooked up the idea for Ocean Week back in 2015, League of Legends was in a very different place. We were all living in the old client, a place where mana potions were still a thing, Galio had rockin’ abs and Nunu was... well, he was still Nunu.

Three years on, and things are looking very different for League of Legends players. Thanks to missions, reward-based events like Ocean Week no longer come once a year, they come often – in all shapes and sizes – providing new game modes that enrich the wider skins universe. And with Clash on its way, players will have the opportunity to play together like never before.

As League of Legends continues to grow, we strive to offer new and exciting experiences to our players, investing energy into the things we think will keep League of Legends growing and evolving. While Ocean Week paved the way for client events, it takes a lot of resources to run, and sadly, these are not unlimited.

For this reason, Ocean Week is being retired, gently sailing into the sunset to join the likes of that flying statue’s rock solid abs.

At its best, the Ocean Week trilogy saw the community pool together time and time again to best any challenge set before them, and – thanks to you – no Ocean Week ended in failure. Whether it was kicking back pool party style, fighting off a giant crab, or defending the wildlife from a tentacled menace, we hope you had as much fun taking part in the festivities as we did making them.

Before we bid Ocean Week farewell, let’s take a look at each year’s goal, updates on their creation, and where they currently stand.

Ocean Week 1: Nautilus Reef

The OG of Oceanic events, the first Ocean Week saw the Nautilus statue sunk in Moreton Bay. The idea was to create a League of Legends-based artificial reef in tribute to those who fought valiantly on the Rift. After the initial drop’s photoshoot, diver Scott Grattan provided the community with photos of the reef to document how the statue looked 11 months into livin’ the reef life.

It’s now 22 months on and he’s paid the big lug another visit, with ol’ Nautilus standing strong – if not, uh, a little sunk in. The new photos reveal the Titan of the Depths playing house to a premade duo of moray eels, while a colourful Nudibranch flaunts its stuff (like a true solo queue hero) across Naut’s outstretched arm.

In his Reddit post, Grattan notes the following:

“The sand has encroached the base of the statue a little but there's definitely some big life around it. With the constant shifting sand it might get completely covered for a while then uncovered again at a later date. Another wreck sunk near by many many years ago by the Underwater Research Group of QLD, an old Brisbane Tram, was covered for a few years before finally being exposed and started brimming with life again.”

He may look dragged down and left to die, but our stalwart statue is far from lost and forgotten. The tide ebbs, and he will have vengeance.

Ocean Week 2: The Wall

The second Ocean Week saw the community take on a series of giant crabs... who got a bit antsy... and decided to fight all of our landmarks… for reasons (who knows how their minds work?!). The successful heroes fended off the threat and unlocked the Ocean Week wall: a mural designed by our community and painted by a professional artist.

This has been a long time coming, but it’s almost here! The mural will be completed in Bondi, NSW, Australia by early February, rocking all the Summoner names of those who took part in the event. For those who don’t live nearby, keep an eye on the client at the beginning of next month for more info and images.


Ocean Week 3: Tasmanian Terrors

Last year’s Ocean Week saw players join the Homeguards and fight all sorts of crazy creatures. Most of the possessed critters were beaten back and returned to normal, ending with the multi-tiered boss battle against the Tasmanian Terrors, As it turns out, this final battle would lead into the community prize, as saving the tasmanian devils in-game unlocked the construction of a tasmanian devil sanctuary IRL.

With the fight behind them, the Homeguard community went on to name the two newly born critters Xayah and *ahem* the incredibly cute Mechwolf the Destroyer, and we’re proud to announce the sanctuary is almost finished. While we’ll have a proper update for you once the final touches are made, below are a few pictures of Xayah and Mechwolf the Destroyer (Wolfy for short), as well as Xayah exploring the new habitat in Wings Wildlife Park in Tasmania!

Home is where the Homeguards are

While the sun has set on the Ocean Week trilogy, bringing the community together over the past three years for these events has been unreal. Thanks to everyone who joined the fight, we’re excited to see how Oceania tackles the future events thrown your way.

9 months ago