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By Gehirn

UPDATE: The OCAL Open Stage has now concluded! Team point standings are available to view here. Team captains will be contacted shortly about locking in their rosters for the Qualified Stage.

You may be familiar with OCE’s regular community tournaments, but did you know that there are teams in the OCE community that regularly compete in exclusive amateur level community tournaments?

To better support and promote this established amateur scene in the OCE community, we're trialling a new event: the Oceanic Community Amateur League (OCAL).

This league is open to players of all skill levels. For the very best players we hope it provides a platform for them to learn how to play as a member of a well established and highly competitive team - helping to grow and support the next generation of professional players that may exist in the community.

But for players of all skill levels it's a chance to get involved in the local tournament scene, be part of the active OCE community, and win some RP along the way.

RP prizes are included during every week of the event, and your team can earn the first level of prizing just by competing.


The What

The OCAL will be operated by six different community groups who’ve come together to host this event, and will be comprised of two stages.

The Open Stage is a six week league in which anyone can participate by joining or forming a team. Each week of the league, a different community groups hosts a full elimination style tournament, with teams earning points based on their final position in each week’s tournament.

At the end of the Open Stage, the 8 teams with the most points will automatically qualify for the Qualified Stage.

The Qualified Stage is a high intensity 9 week league which will determine the best amateur team in OCE, and will be operated by Summoners’ Society who've been running a similar event in their Circuit for the last couple of years.


The When

Open Stage schedule:

DateCommunitySignup LinkStream

22nd July

Summoners' Society

Week 1 Results


29th July

Bronze Standard Five

Week 2 Results


5th August

Total Mayhem Gaming

Week 3 Results


12th August

Rift Republic

Week 4 Results


19th August

Little League Champions

Week 5 Results


26th August

Oceanic Gaming

Week 6 Results


Signups for each week open after the previous tournament concludes.

Check-ins on game days open at 16:30 AEST and close with games starting at 17:30 AEST


Qualified Stage schedule:


27th August - 7th September

Tiebreackers and roster submission for qualified teams

Every Monday
9th September - 21st October

Week 1-7 of the Qualified Stage round-robin

28th October


4th November


Check-ins on game days open at 16:30 AEST and close with games starting at 17:30 AEST

The Qualified Stage will be streamed by Summoners' Society here.


The How

You can register a new team at any week of the Open Stage by signing up to whichever week is currently open for signups. Of course, the earlier your team signs up, the more weeks they can play and the more points they can earn.

The first tournament of the open stage is on July 22nd, and team signups are now open here.

When a team signs up to a tournament during the Open Stage, they'll need to designate a team captain. Once a team is seeded into their first tournament, the captain assigned to this team will be locked. Check the Captaincy Rules in the FAQ for details on how this works.

Your team earns points based on their final position in each week's tournament. Teams earn points regardless of the total number of teams participating each week, but must actually show up and play (no free points for signing up and ditching!).

Point Brackets:

PlacementPoints Awarded





3rd - 4th


5th - 8th


9th - 16th


17th - 32nd


33rd and beyond


After each week, current point tallies will be updated in a Boards post here.

After the final round of the Open Stage on the 26th of August, if your team is among the top 8 teams with the most points, Summoners' Society will organize your team's participation in the Qualified Stage by engaging with your team captain. At this point you'll need to determine your full roster for the Qualified Stage and submit the summoner names of:

  • at least 5 starting players
  • 0-3 substitute players
  • a designated coach and analyst if your team has either


The Prizes!

Every week of the Open Stage has the following RP prizes up for grabs:

Min # of Teams8 - 1516 - 3132 - 6364 - 127128+











5000 6000

3rd - 4th




4000 5000

5th - 8th




3000 4000

9th - 16th



2000 3000

17th - 32nd



1000 2000

33rd - 64th





The RP amounts shown are for the whole team, to be split among the players. For example, if your team wins a 16-31 team tournament, each player gets 800 RP (assuming no substitutes were used and nominated for prizing).

As shown, prize totals increase for every full elimination bracket that is filled out (8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128 teams).

The winners of each week's tournament also win Ryze and the Triumphant Ryze skin.



  • Signup Restrictions

    The OCAL is open to OCE players only.

    Additionally, you can compete for a team in any week of the OCAL unless any of the following applies to you:

    • You are currently on an OPL or OCS roster and have played in an official OPL or OCS match within 2 weeks prior to the given Open Stage tournament match.
    • You are currently serving an official suspension from competitive play.
    • You are currently an admin for one of the community organizations operating the OCAL.

    You may also be refused entry to the OCAL if you are currently banned from any of the listed community organizations.
    Non-eligible players must be replaced before check-ins open each week or the team will be disqualified from that week’s tournament.

  • Captaincy Rules

    Once a team is seeded into their first tournament:

    • Its name and identity as a team is non-transferrable. Points are applied to the team itself and cannot be transferred to, or merged with, other teams. Players can move freely between teams, points do not.
    • The nominated team captain is the designated owner and primary representative of the team.
    • Team captains can designate another person to take over captaincy, temporarily or permanently transferring ownership. If a team captain wants to join another team, they must permanently transfer ownership to another player.
    • Teams can completely disband if all players including the captain wish to join a different team or stop participating in the league. Once a team disbands, any points earned prior to disbanding are nullified.
  • Tournament Rules

    Each week's tournament will operated as per the rules of the week's respective community group. Most groups operate with the same rules that are reasonable and expected for a community tournament, but be sure to check out their respective rules on their Battlefy page each week to ensure your team is aware of them.

  • Point Tiebreakers

    At the end of the Open Stage, if there are any point ties for determining the top 8 teams, Summoners' Society will host a tiebreaker round for the relevant teams during the time between the Open Stage and the Qualified Stage.

  • 500 RP Prizes Explained

    All teams that lose in a preliminary bracket, or in the first bracket thereafter, qualify for the 500 RP consolation prize (100 RP per player).
    For example, if there are 24 teams participating in a tournament, 8 teams will be randomly seeded into the 16 team bracket. Then the remaining 16 teams must compete in a preliminary round to fill out the 8 remaining in that 16 team bracket. All teams who lose in the prelimary round or the following 16 team bracket earn the 500 RP consolation prize, while the teams who win in the 16 team bracket earn their first 1000 RP prize.

  • Qualified Stage Prizes
    PlacementRP Awarded





    3rd - 4th


    5th - 6th


    7th - 8th


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