The Homeguards are victorious!

By The Hanshmear


The Homeguards—that group of Oceanic heroes who pulled together in the face of a great threat—stood stalwart against the horde of Tasmanian Terrors and proved victorious!

The Tasmanian Devils trapped inside are back to looking equal parts adorable/scary, and many "SQUEEEEEEEEE"'s are reported to be coming from the region... mainly from a certain blue haired individual.

Upon defeat, a monstrous wail was heard across Oceania (it really did, you probably just had headphones on at the time) and the skies erupted with Hextech loot!

  • For any Homeguard who earned 10 or more points over the duration of Ocean Week:
    Congratulations! You have earned a Hextech Chest & Key for your valiant efforts!
  • For any Homeguard who earned 20 or more points over the duration of Ocean Week:
    HOLY SMOKES! You are a Homeguard and then some! As a result, you get an extra Hextech Chest & Key on top of the one above!

PLEASE NOTE: Reward(s) will arrive within the next 24 hours.

But what is the community prize you definitely did unlock? And what of the menace? Stay tuned, loyal Homeguards, as these mysteries will be finalised and unveiled at a later date!

Oceania is no longer under attack thanks to those whose bravery, commitment, and dedication (translation: ability to play great amounts of LoL) will surely become the stuff of legend.

With that, Ocean Week 2017 officially comes to a close, and as of February 6, 00:00 AEDT everything will finally go back to normal. This means the end of the 'all champions unlocked' perk, self mystery gifting and the double IP weekend.

Thank you to all the Homeguards who made this event possible.


Tasmanian Terrors Wallpaper

Tassie Devil Victory Wallpaper


Everything is fine. Really. It's, uh, kind of quiet.

2 years ago

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