Champ select upgrades incoming

By Riot SapMagic

Over the next few patches, we’ll be rolling out some quality-of-life changes to make champ select faster and clearer, including some long-requested updates like sorting by mastery points and adding position filters.

Please Note: We've altered some of the below patch times from those initially published to reflect the correct patch release! Sorry for the confusion all.

Simultaneous draft picks [Patch 7.21]

Two players on the same team can pick at the same time (when the draft calls for two picks).

This feature is coming back. Spend more time conquering the Rift and less time waiting for your jungler to choose between Gragas and Elise. Simultaneous picks get you into games a minute or two faster.

Filter by position [7.20 – 7.21]

We’re replacing role filters (assassin/tank/mage/etc.) with position filters (top/mid/jungle/etc.).

When you filter by a position, let’s say top, you’ll see the most commonly played top-laners from the previous patch. Since this is reactive (based on what people are playing), it might include unconventional picks—a few champions may rise in popularity during Worlds *cough, Ezreal jungle* and some “traditional” champs may not show up in a position filter at all.

Every champion will show in at least one position, and new ones will pop up a patch after they’re released (since the filter needs a patch of play data to figure out where people are playing champs).

Add favourites [7.20 – 7.21]

Right-click champions to add as a favorite by position.

Favourites show up in the grid with a special icon, and you can sort by favourites to push champs you’ve selected as faves to the top of the list. If you play Diana jungle and mid (and top and support and bot), add her as a favourite in those positions. When you filter by position, she’ll show up in any position you’ve added her to, even if the filter wouldn’t include her based on the previous patch’s play data.

Sort by mastery points [7.19]

Sort champions by highest to lowest mastery points.

Find your mains quickly by sorting by mastery points. You’ll see your strongest champs side-by-side when deciding who to pick against Janna, again.

Hextech chest filter [7.19]

See champions you haven’t earned a Hextech chest with.

Now you can easily find champions to play for Hextech chests. Since the temptation to try new champs in ranked queues is a leading cause of lost LP, this filter only applies to non-ranked queues.

Look out for these features in the coming patches!

2 years ago

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