Most Recent Skin Release News

Woad King Darius available now

Woad King Darius leads his people by the might of his axe, imposing his will and cleaving those who dare cross him. The war-painted Woad King charges into the fray bearing the storied symbols of his power.
6 years ago

Ghost Bride Morgana available now

The beautiful terror of Ghost Bride Morgana haunts the battlefield. Inspired by the tale of La Llorona that’s told across Latin America, Ghost Bride Morgana is the launch skin for the territory. New particles lend her attacks a spectral quality, chaining her foes to the ground before sending them from this world to the next.
6 years ago

TPA Season 2 World Champions commemorative skins

Celebrate TPA's Season 2 world championship victory by fielding the winning lineup with new commemorative skins.
6 years ago