Woad Scout Quinn fights for the Freljord

By Riot Paradox

No squad to break the silence. No heavy armor to slow her movements. No one to worry about other than Valor. This is where Woad Scout Quinn is at her best.

Through the mountains, a caw echoes.

Quinn spots the owl circling nearby, his cobalt tipped wings highlighting alabaster feathers. Hovering over the patrol he’d spotted, Valor tails them as they hike towards Quinn’s position overlooking the mountain pass. As they cross underneath her, Valor swoops over one of the soldiers, marking him with an icy sigil.

Him first.

Quinn rises from the snow, her crossbow slinging a bolt into the leader’s breast as Valor plunges into the group. Quinn vaults in after him, crushing the chest of one soldier while Valor blinds the last under a flurry of snow.

Rolling to her feet, Quinn stands over the lone survivor, writhing in the scarlet snow. Valor lands on her outstretched arm.

“Go tell your chief. This is Woad territory now.”

Fight for the Freljord with Woad Scout Quinn, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP.

4 years ago