TPA Season 2 World Champions commemorative skins

By RiotWenceslaus

Relive the drama and excitement of the Taipei Assassins' rise to victory at the Season 2 World Championship as we celebrate the 2013 All-Star Event. Suit up as TPA Shen, TPA Orianna, TPA Ezreal, TPA Nunu and TPA Mundo, complete with gaming headsets, jerseys and Willump as the looming manifestation of the TPA mascot. From the Summoner's Cup clutched in TPA Mundo's meaty fist to the thundersticks strapped to TPA Shen's back, these skins are decked out in championship gear.

TPA skins will be available until 1 June for 750 RP each, or you can save 25% if you purchase a bundle of all five skins. That’s 2812 RP for the bundle if you already own all five of the champions. You can also pick up any of the champions you're missing for 25% off as part of the bundle – the total bundle price will vary depending on content you already have!

After June 1, these five skins and the bundle will be retired to the legacy vault.

6 years ago

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