Riot Blitz and Riot Graves available until after PAX

By RiotWenceslaus

Some of you have asked for additional time to snag your riot skins. We want to make sure you all have the opportunity to sort out your riot squads, so we're leaving Riot Blitzcrank and Riot Graves in the store until after we leave PAX Prime on September 3.

Just remember that while Riot Blitzcrank will be back in action at our next convention, Riot Graves retires to the Legacy Skins Vault once we pack up the show at PAX. This is your last chance to get your hands on last year's riot skin, so don't forget!

Hit the store between now and the end of PAX on September 3 to grab Riot Graves and Riot Blitzcrank before they're gone. 

6 years ago

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