Order. Chaos. Pick your side

By Riot BadTofu

Are you a Warden or a Marauder?

  1. A sick and elderly man asks you to help him fold his laundry. Do you:
    1. Annihilate him for folding his laundry in a non-designated zone
    2. Annihilate him and burn down his village

  2. Destroying those who stand in your way sounds like:
    1. A great way to establish order at any cost
    2. A great way to relax between murders

  3. You’re packing for a weekend getaway. The clothing you pack is:
    1. White and gold armor best suited for bestowing a sense of awe unto weaklings
    2. Who cares? It all looks the same covered in blood

Congratulations, the test is complete! It’s time to calculate your results…


Well, it looks like the fake quiz generator we created is busted again. Guess you have to just choose for yourself. Pick a side with Warden Jax and Warden Karma or Marauder Olaf and Marauder Alistar for 750 RP each at the League store.

4 years ago

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