Heartseeker Ashe and Bouquet ward skin available!

By Riot NaKyle

Heartbreak turns deadly when Heartseeker Ashe strings her foes along the lane. Her Valentine’s massacres litter the Rift with Frozen Hearts and dashed hopes. She’s made many enemies, but thanks to a well-aimed dove-shot, she’s returning to base on a ruby-red throne before they have a chance to catch her.

Stun the competition with Heartseeker Ashe and let would-be gankers know your lane partner is spoken for with the Bouquet ward skin, available for 975 and 640 RP respectively. Grab your Bouquet ward skin quickly because it’s only available until February 20.

If you’re still looking to spread the love, share these Valentine’s cards from the Heartseekers and Debonair Jayce.

5 years ago

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Ashe, Ward Skins

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