Enchant and deceive

By kantayams

Halt you shall, traveler,
For before you may pass
You must answer me this,
And you must answer fast:

It is true-- it is known--
In the forest of Eld,
Therein lies a good faerie,
Who aids those imperiled.

Though the tales also speak
Of a much worser fate--
Of the other from whom,
There is no escape.

Which faerie am I,
Hidden here in old growth?
I could be either,
I could even be both.

Decide now, dear traveler,
My riddle is done,
Will you choose to stay,
Or is it better to run?

Trick those who trespass with Elderwood LeBlanc, now lying in wait for 1350 RP in the League store.

3 years ago

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