Bear Cavalry Sejuani available now

By RiotWenceslaus

Chaaaaaaarge! Bear Cavalry Sejuani, leader of the Winter's Claw and mistress of bellicose beasts, brings an imposing military might to bear on the Fields of Justice in celebration of the Russian/CIS launch. Featuring Sejuani on the back of a large, heavily armored and most of all very angry bear, this new mount also brings new spell effects and sounds, trading in her signature piercing ice for a barrage of fiery, concussive explosions worthy of the most urgent call to arms. And when she's ready to return to her base, Bear Cavalry Sejuani gets up and dances on the back of her ursine mount, showing supreme confidence even in temporary retreat.


For the next four days, you can call in the (bear) cavalry at the special price of 975 RP. Once the sale ends, Bear Cavalry Sejuani will return to her original price of 1350 RP.

6 years ago

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