Stay tuned for Forecast Janna

By RiotWenceslaus

In an upcoming patch, Doppler radar's showing a likely chance of a Legendary Skin for Janna, your favorite stormy support. Here's what you can expect when Forecast Janna makes landfall:

  • A new character model, reminiscent of the alluringly professional attire you might see on your local nightly news
  • Climatically inclement spell effects, such as a radar map shield on Eye of the Storm, a cloud companion on Zephyr and more tumultuous Monsoons and Howling Gales
  • Broadcaster-inspired animations that look as good in the newsroom as they do on the Fields of Justice
  • New voiceover featuring well-practiced non-regional diction along with meteorological lingo and diverse weather forecasts*

So stay tuned for more info on the latest Legendary Skin. And don't forget your umbrella!

* Riot Games in no way guarantees the accuracy of any weather predictions made by Forecast Janna. Any weather advice given by champions of the League is for entertainment only, and in no way reflects the weather patterns of any particular country or region. In the unlikely event that Forecast Janna's predictions match current weather conditions in your area this should be considered entirely coincidental and unintentional. Please consult your local news channel for accurate weather information.

6 years ago

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