Infernal Nasus prepares to ascend

By RiotWenceslaus

Here falls the shadow of despair.A dark symbol sears the ground beneath his victim, burning everything within. Infernal Nasus is on the hunt. Dark, shadowy hands encircle his quarry, choking their movement as if immersed in sludge. There is no escape.

Here falls the shadow of despair.

He stands above his prey, a legend come alive and growls, “I am death.”

Infernal Nasus’s pauldrons break free with exultant howls as flames ignite the fury of the sands. Death would be preferable to what comes next.

This is the way your world ends.

With fiery new particles, shadow effects and animations including a unique second form during his ultimate, Infernal Nasus is the new, darker legendary skin for the Curator of the Sands.

6 years ago

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