9.4: Lore Notes

By Riot Ashekandi

Sejuani and Udyr: Silence for the Damned, by Odin Austin Shafer

Sejuani, Udyr, Freljord

“Udyr had no desire for that unhappy reunion either. Sejuani’s face transformed, softening before she gave a cunning smile. “No,” she grinned. “That’s exactly why I need you with me, old friend.”

Kayle: Updated Bio

Kayle, Morgana, Demacia, Mount Targon

“In times of strife and chaos, there are many who cling to the hope that Kayle might eventually return… and others who pray that such a day will never come.”
Updates to Kayle’s bio align her closer to the events of her birth, as well as better intertwine the relationship between her and her sister, Morgana. Kayle would eventually become an ardent protector of justice in Demacia, and, through that, would fracture her relationship with her sister. Though she has now been absent from Demacia for centuries, icons and statues of her still inspire much of Demacia’s culture and law.

Morgana: Updated Bio

Morgana, Kayle, Demacia, Mount Targon

“As magic begins to rise again, Morgana sees that dawn is nearly upon them.”
With Morgana’s new bio, we have focused her backstory on the consequences of the gifts she and her sister would receive from their mother, which would lead to their troubled relationship. The death of Morgana’s father would cement a deep fracture between the two sisters, and Morgana now bides her time in the shadows of Demacia, waiting for her sister’s return.

11 months ago

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