9.8: Lore Update

By Riot Ashekandi
Hey everyone!

In this week’s Lore Update we’re heading back to the edge of the Galaxy for an update to the Odyssey universe!

Since this week’s update is shorter than normal, we’d love to answer any questions you may have about bits of story we’ve shared recently. Check out the last few Lore Updates (9.6 and 9.7) and feel free to leave questions in the comments and we’ll jump in and share what we can (emphasis on “can”)!

Let’s get to it!


Galaxy Slayer Zed

All other living beings are but distractions from his new vision of harmony—a galaxy cleansed of the weak and undeserving. I mean, it’s a solid gig. If you can get it.

Zed, Odyssey

Alt Universe: Odyssey

From the heavily urbanized coreworlds to the outermost edge of the galaxy, adventure awaits!

The great Demaxian Empire has laid claim to almost every inhabited system, ignoring the objections of the ancient Templar Order and the criminal Syndicate alike, in pursuit of the wondrous bounty of ora. This mysterious golden essence—drawn from the vast, majestic creatures that patrol the stars—is the lifeblood of all civilization, but also promises untold power to those who can wield it for themselves… Read more about Odyssey here!

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