9.7: Lore Update

By Riot Ashekandi
Hey everyone!

In this week’s Lore Update we’re departing from our tales of Demacia for a darker story on the Shadow Isles featuring Thresh and Kalista.

Alongside that, we also have new color stories for Darius and Zyra. With the spotlight on the Shadow Isles, we’ve also taken the chance to update Hecarim and Kalista’s bios as well.

Finally, we’ve included a couple of updates that have been made to the Universe website and the League Displays app, and we’ll use this as a platform to share more updates to those as they come in the future.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts—let’s get to it!

Short Story


The Echoes Left Behind

- by Anthony Reynolds

Thresh shook his head, laughing. “We have what mortals have coveted since time immemorial—eternity.

Thresh, Kalista, Shadow Isles

Color Story


The Winterspike Road

- by Laura Michet

Noxians don’t run. We win,” he growled. “We chop them to pieces for what they do to us.

Darius, Noxus


With the Flowers

- by Matt Dunn

“Step into the garden that ever grows…” Zyra whispered through the stems and petals. “Death blossoms, and you don’t want to miss the colors, do you?”

Zyra, Kumangra, Jungle

Bio Updates

Updated Bio

Break their ranks, and ride them down without mercy. Crush the living. Feast on their terror.

Hecarim, Shadow Isles, Bio

Updated Bio

Turncoats, oath breakers and betrayers… we hate them all.

Kalista, Shadow Isles, Bio



- by Odin Austin Shafer

Raised in the savage wilds of the north, Ashe is an Iceborn, a warrior gifted with a magical connection to her frozen homeland--and burdened by her mother’s fanatical expectations. When they set out on a dangerous quest for the truth behind an ancient myth, bonds are broken, secrets come to light, and Runeterra is forever changed. Will young Ashe become the leader her people need? Or is destiny merely an empty dream?

With the final issue of Ashe: Warmother live, the full story of how Ashe became Warmother of the Avarosan tribe is now available for free on Universe! If you are yet to dive in, head on over to the issue page on Universe to get started and learn more of Ashe’s origins.

Ashe, Sejuani, Freljord, Comic

Universe Updates

With Universe being updated regularly with new features and quality of life improvements, we thought these notes would be a good place to document updates to the site. We will work to include updates to the site going forward here, and if you have any questions or feedback on Universe itself, this would be a great place to let us know!
  • Reorganized each region’s respective page on Universe to have a better flow, include more artwork, and connect many more stories to individual regions and champions.
  • The League Displays app has been reorganized.
    • A new “Cinematic” collection has been added with cinematic stills.
    • All images added to Universe in the above reorganization have also been added to League Displays.

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