9.5: Lore Update

By Riot Ashekandi

Hey everyone! Last time we escaped the clutches of Volibear and the Ursine and now we’re on our way to Demacia for today’s Lore Update!

New stories have come to light that should give a bit more color to Kayle and Morgana. Alongside those, we also have a long lost epic poem about the twin sisters that was recently discovered in the Crownguard Family Library in High Silvermere. Finally, we have updated biographies for two other Demacian favorites: Galio and Shyvana.

Let us know what you think in the comments, we’re always looking for feedback on how these Lore Updates are written.

Let’s dive in!

Color Stories


Canticle of the Winged Sisters

Born beneath the vault of stars,
one in Light, one in Shadow.
Kayle and Morgana,
Sisters by Fate, joined hand in hand.

Kayle, Morgana, Demacia, Epic Poem


In the Fires of Justice

- by Rayla Heide

But most fearful of all was the burning in her eyes, gleaming and grave with uncompromising wrath.

Kayle, Demacia


Prayer to a Crumbling Shrine

- by Rayla Heide

Guilt can teach many things to a heart humbled by intent.

Morgana, Demacia

Bio Updates

Galio: Updated Bio

Get behind me, Demacian! You may not have noticed, but I’m very large.

We've streamlined Galio’s bio to help better position him in the world of Runeterra as the protector of Demacia. With this, we’ve also worked to add more descriptive language which should help to give more life to the great winged, stone protector.

Galio, Demacia, Bio

Shyvana: Updated Bio

I am of two worlds, yet I belong to neither.

An update to Shyvana’s bio keeps the main story intact, expanding on the circumstances of her birth and her timely encounter with Prince Jarvan, which would ultimately lead her to earn a place as one of Demacia’s most trusted guardians.

Shyvana, Demacia, Bio

5 months ago

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