Most Recent Champion Spotlight News

Pantheon on Universe

Pantheon is dead. Long live Pantheon.
2 months ago

Yuumi: The Magical Cat | Champion Spotlight

Paw, claw, heal, and cuddle. The Magical Cat bops them all.
5 months ago

Kayle Champion Spotlight

She decides who lives and dies. Witness how Kayle delivers her divine judgment.
7 months ago

Sylas Champion Spotlight

Their ultimate? It belongs to you now. Witness how Sylas seizes the enemy’s power.
8 months ago

Neeko Champion Spotlight

No one expects Neeko to be Not-Neeko instead! Watch how she sneaks up on enemies for a big surprise.
10 months ago

Nunu & Willump Champion Spotlight

Time for a snowball fight! Watch how a boy and his yeti roam from one adventure to the next.
1 year ago

Akali Champion Spotlight

Skill is the sharpest weapon. See how the Rogue Assassin makes every move their last.
1 year ago

Aatrox Champion Spotlight

The end of the world arrives with wings and sword. See how the Darkin Blade unleashes obliteration.
1 year ago

Pyke Champion Spotlight

Some champs just want to watch the world drown. Witness the Bloodharbor Ripper at work.
1 year ago