Oceania came together as a server and defeated the final challenge of Ocean Week 2015. The Nautilus reef is a celebration of that effort.



Early in 2015, Oceania rallied together to overcome the final challenge of Ocean Week 2015. That effort lead to the creation of the Nautilus-themed artificial reef which is off the coast of Queensland.

Over the next few years, the ocean will reclaim Nautilus, inviting all sorts of sea creatures to move in. The names of the summoners that made this happen are inscribed on a plaque, which will eventually be washed away by time.


This plaque is a tribute to the 42,006 summoners who contributed three or more points during Ocean Week 2015.


What is the Nautilus-themed Artificial Reef?

The Nautilus artificial reef was the final reward in Ocean Week 2015. Players from all around Oceania played games with specific Ocean Week champions (like Fizz, Nami or Nautilus) to contribute one point per win.

The points required to construct the artificial reef was a hefty 275,000 from all Oceanic players. The response was massive, and the goal was completely smashed!

What is an artificial reef?

Artificial reefs are man-made underwater structures designed to replicate the function of natural reefs. They could be anything from sunken battleships to scrapped cars to Nautilus statues! They vary in shape and size - some sunken ships have been repurposed as artificial reefs! There are lots of reasons why people choose to build them, including:

  • Controlling coastal erosion by redirecting waves or trapping sediment that washes away from beaches;
  • Preventing boats or other marine vehicles from travelling to certain protected areas;
  • Manipulating waves to provide a better surfing experience for beachgoers;
  • Promoting marine life in otherwise barren areas.

Where is the Nautilus Reef located?

The Nautilus Reef is located off the coast of Queensland near Moreton Bay Island. It is part of the Moreton Bay Artificial Reef project. The exact GPS coordinates are 27° 6.724'S 153° 21.888'E which you can see on Google Maps

What's the purpose of the Nautilus reef?

The Nautilus reef will provide a place for marine life to shelter and grow. Some of the ways in which artificial reefs can promote underwater life include:

  • Picking up plankton that move with ocean currents, thereby creating a feeding spot for small fish;
  • Providing shelter for animals that don’t survive long in the open like eels;
  • Attracting fish that hunt around the reef (imagine a Fizz camping your blue buff brush because he knows your jungler is going to come);
  • Fostering a suitable breeding environment for all kinds of the above;
  • Providing a firm foundation for algae, coral and sponges to grow on over time.

How did players get their name on the Nautilus Reef?

For a player to get their Summoner name on the artificial reef, you needed to earn 3 points during the Challenge Phase of Ocean Week 2015, which lasted from January 23 through to January 26, 2015 at 2:00 AM AEDT.

To earn a point, a player had to win a game of Blind Pick, Team Builder, or Twisted Treeline while playing as an Ocean Week Champion OR in a premade group with someone playing an Ocean Week Champion.

Each player earned a maximum of one point per win. Ranked solo/duo, ranked teams, ARAM, Co-Op vs AI and custom games did not count towards earning points.

Where can I check if my summoner name is on there?

You can search for your name here.

What if I changed my Summoner name? Which name goes on to the artificial reef?

The Summoner name that you had at the end of the Ocean Week Challenge phase (23:59 AEDT January 30 back in 2015) is the name that made it on to the list.

Why isn't my Summoner name on the list?

You likely did not earn enough points during the Ocean Week challenge phase in 2015. Also, any players who earned enough points but had offensive Summoner names have had their names removed from the list.

Can I change my Summoner name on the artificial reef?

No. All Summoner names are recorded as they were the end of the Ocean Week Challenge phase (January 26 at 2:00 AM AEDT back in 2015) and are final.

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