The League Client
Update Alpha

Help us test the work-in-progress client!

We’ve never shown an in-development product this early before, so testers should prep for a rough ride during the alpha. We need you to play with it, break it, and squish its bugs so we can improve the updated client byte by byte. Learn how you can pitch in below.

What’s the League client update?

The client is the hub of the League experience. It’s where you get news, talk with friends, fiddle with runes and masteries, and queue up for your next game. The launch of the alpha marks the first step on a journey. Over the course of the alpha we’re aiming to introduce easier ways to play with friends, a Hextech-inspired visual style, and rebuilt core technology to make the client more reliable and less buggy.

How can I help?

Join the testing effort and fly the plane while we piece it together mid-air. We’re certain to hit heavy turbulence along the way, so we’ll need you brave souls to remain buckled up throughout. Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • The work-in-progress client is missing important features and even entire queues, but by the time the update enters beta for all players, it’ll include every feature from today’s client.
  • Alpha testers will still have access to the legacy client (and all its features) throughout the testing period. Just launch it separately.
  • Both clients share game files, so patch one and you’ve patched both.
  • The alpha client connects to the same live servers you play on today, so you can game with your friends even if they’re not participating in the alpha.
  • Stability is paramount; If a part of the alpha breaks the game, we’ll turn it off just like we would a bugged champion.

Throughout the alpha, we’ll build in all the features you know from the client today. When these updates hit, we’ll highlight them as the “current focus area,” AKA the stuff we need you to test.

By the end of the alpha, we’ll have constructed an updated client that brings some new things to the table:

Standalone Chat Helps You Keep In Touch

A resource-light, standalone chat window keeps you in the League loop without needing to open the full-size client. Drop a line to friends and see who’s in game all while background patching, browsing the web, or even (gasp!) playing a different game.

Hextech adds some spark

Our longstanding aspirations for clarity go beyond the game itself. We retooled the interface and visuals, smoothing out inconsistent and confusing elements in the legacy client. The Hextech inspiration also means the client looks like the inside of Jayce’s Mercury Hammer. Now that’s a brighter tomorrow.

New core technology powers the future of League

The updated client is being built upon a new tech framework that will allow for more reliability, better responsiveness, and fewer pesky bugs. It also makes developing, delivering, and supporting features easier for Riot’s teams.