OPL Anime Update - Dark Star

Enter the #OPLAnime competition for a chance to win a Dark Star or Cosmic champion skin!

EsportsAuthorMatthew 'Zesty Jalapeno' Boughen
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Huzzah! The OPL continues this week and so too does the #OPLAnime art competition. 

The release of Patch 10.6 comes with it a chance for us to update the champion skins prize.

Entries this week could see you win your choice of:
Dark Star: Malphite, Mordekaiser, Xerath, Karma, Shaco, Jarvan IV, Kha'Zix, Orianna, Thresh or Varus
Excluding all Prestige or Mythic edition skins.

And if you win but don't have the champion, we'll send that to you as well!

Entries this week will be open longer than usual. If you want to create a piece of OPL inspired artwork in an Anime style, entries close 3pm AEDT on Saturday 21 March 2020. To be eligible, submit your artwork on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram before this time, using the #OPLAnime

Up to 3 winners will be selected on Saturdays OPL and winners will receive their prize within one week of the broadcast announcement (some of these skins are yet to be released in the client and could delay prizing).

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