Oceania's MSI Hub

Dire Wolves are MSI bound, and we’ve got all the info in one place.
7 hours ago

The Battle Begins: Meet the Teams of MSI 2017

Learn about the teams heading to São Paulo to compete in the Play-in Stage of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.
23 hours ago

MSI 2017 Play-In Draw Guide

Check out NA’s guide to the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Play-In Draw
2 weeks ago

OCE Jungler Round Table

Join the pros for a Jungler round table on the boards Friday between 6-7pm AEDT.
4 weeks ago

OPL Week 8 Recap

VIDEO: Catch up on a weekend of brutal fights and frantic flights
1 month ago

Behind The Teams: Legacy vs. Chiefs

Teams weigh up the stakes as the rivalry round fast approaches
1 month ago

Watch 'Chasing Worlds' online!

The Fox Sports doco that follows the Chiefs is now free to view online!
2 months ago

OPL tipping now live!

How well do you know the OPL?
3 months ago

Revisit the Dire Wolves AMA

The Wolfpack spoke with fans live on the boards January 27, 2017
3 months ago

OPL 2017: Our League, Our Time

Get behind your team with the return of the OPL.
3 months ago