The Battle for Oceania: Dire Wolves vs. Chiefs

The fate of four teams will be decided in the final match of regular games, with both teams building very different narratives...
2 days ago

Shoutcasting 101

Interested in Shoutcasting? Learn the ins and outs from those who do it for a living!
3 days ago

OPL Recap

A huge weekend of games places the onus on teams to perform or perish as we approach the final week of regular games
5 days ago

Behind the Teams: Avant vs. Sin

AV are confident going up against Sin this weekend, but Sin won’t be so easily bested.
1 week ago

OPL Recap

A dominant week across the board managed to deliver some strange surprises...
1 week ago

OPL Recap

Super Week II brought some decisive victories as teams fight for first place.
2 weeks ago

OPL Recap

Super Week 1 was action packed, with plenty of back and forth battles transforming the ladder
3 weeks ago

Revisit the Dire Wolves AMA

Dire Wolves hit the boards on July 27th to chat all things esports
4 weeks ago

Behind the Teams: Chiefs vs. Legacy

Long time rivals face off tonight as Super Week kicks off from 5pm AEST.
1 month ago

Revisit the Legacy AMA

Legacy hit the boards July 20th to chat all things esports
1 month ago