Future plans for the client

The client update beta is officially complete, but we're not done making the client better.
1 month ago

New Client Rollout - Phase 2

We’re ready to start rolling out the new client to select regions.
2 months ago

Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion

We're ready to kick off Phase 2 of our plan for replacing the legacy client, starting with Oceania.
2 months ago

Ask Riot: Movie? Voice? Item sets?

Item sets, voice chat, a League movie, refunds, keys, and more.
2 months ago

New Client Rollout - Phase 1 Starting Soon

We’re ready to start rolling out the new client to a small number of players on select regions.
3 months ago

Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client

We're sharing specific plans for how and when we'll replace the legacy client for everyone.
4 months ago

Ask Riot: The Future of the Client Update

New client features, updates on the beta, and saying goodbye to the old stuff.
6 months ago

Client Open Beta Update #1

We’re sharing some updates about what we're doing in response to your feedback during the client update open beta.
6 months ago

League client update Q&A coming 18/11

As the League Client update open beta rolls out, the devs get ready to take your questions in the League subreddit at 8am AEDT on 18/11.
7 months ago

Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed

We're finally ready for the next phase: open beta. In preparation, we’ve turned off alpha signups and granted everyone who has already signed up to alpha access for the remainder of the alpha.
7 months ago