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Skin RP price changes

We’re updating skin prices to better reflect what you get with your purchases.
3 years ago

Champion and skin sale: Ionian nights

Once again, the moon rises over a shaded grove; the shrouded facade of an ancient temple looms above the treeline, promising secrets and lost power. A small, round form chews pensively on a stalk of bamboo, watching as the inevitable conflict comes to a head.
3 years ago

Champion & skin sale: Runnin' and gunnin'

Well hello there, summoner. Hired Gun Graves here, on the clock and ready to take some new marks down. I've got business to take care of, champions to find and messages to deliver, so stay clear of ol' Destiny's blasts. Follow along if you'd like, but try not to make a sound…
3 years ago

Champion & skin sale: Pentapress conference

*tap* Is this thing on? Hey, wait… who are these people? Uh… ladies and gentlemen of the press, I'm here to read a statement:
3 years ago

Champion & Skin Sale: Teemo's ear party

My Cottontail Teemo outfit was a hit at my family's Easter celebration. That's all well and good, but an enterprising yordle like me can't have an outfit that's only good for one day of the year. So, I'm going to throw an Ultimate Ears party!
3 years ago

Champion & Skin Sale: Retaliation

You slowly awake in a dark, damp room. Thick, smoky air floats by the few shafts of sunlight that have slipped past a boarded window. The unmistakable clack of stilettos against concrete gets louder with each strut as Mafia Miss Fortune slowly comes into focus.
3 years ago

Champion and Skin Sale: Punch Out

The musky arena before you bristles with champions and fans, reporters and relatives. An excited hum of chatter floats about the place. In the center of the arena, a small ring stands ready and waiting for the evening's entertainment. A loud click, and the arena's lights dim, plunging the place into near darkness and sending the gathered crowds into rapture. Moments pass before a lone spotlight breaks through the smoky haze and illuminates the ring once again, revealing the colossal form of Gentleman Cho'Gath waiting in its center, microphone in claw.
3 years ago

Champion & Skin Sale: Indebted Poppy

My father told me once, “Poppy, if ever you fall on hard times, take up my hammer and smith your way out of debt.” So that’s what I’m out to do.
4 years ago