Most Recent Special Event News

Shadow and Fortune: Chapter One

Gangplank is no more. But with the Pirate King gone, Bilgewater is tearing itself apart in bloody gang warfare. The cost of Miss Fortune’s victory has been high, and she wreaks vengeance on every ally of her defeated enemy. As the Harrowing descends on Bilgewater, Olaf the Berserker brings a fresh kill to the Slaughter Docks and Lucian the Purifier comes seeking a wraith of the Shadow Isles.
1 year ago

Building Bilgewater: A Pirate Renovation

Foundational world-building plays a huge role in the creation of events like Bilgewater: Burning Tides. Enter Foundations, a dedicated group of Rioters working to shape the building blocks of League’s universe. By exploring the people, customs, and stories of places like Bilgewater, Foundations fleshes out Runeterra’s locales and transforms them into living, breathing places. Take a peek behind the curtain and explore Bilgewater’s roots.
2 years ago

Origins of the Wharf Rat

Take a peek inside the twisted minds of the people who brought the Wharf Rat to life.
2 years ago

Bilgewater: Burning Tides sails over the horizon

From Brazil to Korea, Oceania to Europe West, players all over the world took a journey to Bilgewater as part of League’s biggest in-game event. In celebration of Bilgewater: Burning Tides, we’re leaving a permanent mark on League of Legends. As a reminder, all players who owned and played an entire matchmade game with Gangplank during the event will receive the new Captain Gangplank skin.
2 years ago

Bilgewater: Burning Tides Epilogue

While Twisted Fate and Graves have escaped, Bilgewater devours itself as the streets ring with the shrieks of the desperate and the dying. A war started by the spread of three words: Gangplank is dead. A shadowed figure returns amidst the fire, and the story comes to an end.
2 years ago

Gangplank returns and the event end draws near

Bilgewater: Burning Tides sails over the horizon in just over a week, stowing in its hold the bundles, merch, icon rewards, and game modes. Whether you’re looking to brawl in the black market, add the free Captain Gangplank skin to your wardrobe, or plunder any other Bilgewater spoils, you’ve got until August 10 at 17:00PM AEST.
2 years ago

Black Market Brawlers battle for Bilgewater

The newest Featured Game Mode is an all-out battle for black market-item fueled dominance on Summoner’s Rift. Hire new brawlers to customise your minion waves, then upgrade them to increase damage or unlock unique abilities. It’s five versus five on SR, with a Bilgewater-inspired twist.
2 years ago

Bilgewater: Burning Tides Act II

Gangplank’s warehouse burns. With the pirate captain’s thugs swarming, the resolution of Graves’ and Twisted Fate’s long-simmering feud threatens to engulf the entire city in flames. Read The Reckoning Act II now.
2 years ago

Battle across Butcher’s Bridge

Preview the frantic, all-random melee action on the new ARAM map: Butcher’s Bridge. Once an ancient stone bridge leading to a temple entrance, Butcher's Bridge has been kept up haphazardly and primarily serves now as a connection between the slaughter docks and one of Bilgewater’s slums.
2 years ago

Bilgewater: Burning Tides Act I

For many of those fleeing justice, debt, or persecution, Bilgewater is a city of new beginnings. But for a few, the past is something you can never escape. Read as Twisted Fate’s and Graves' paths cross in The Reckoning Act I.
2 years ago