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See ya later, Snowdown!

The ice is melting, the sun’s coming out Snowdown is over, but there’s no need to pout!
1 year ago

There’s time for one last snowball!

Snowdown is winding down, so get out there and soak up some sweet snowy goodness.
1 year ago

Get the Legendary Snowball rolling

Whenever you pick up a Legendary skin, you’ll unlock a free Mystery skin. If that Mystery is a Legendary, you’ll get another Mystery skin that can continue to snowball.
1 year ago

Look out! It’s Snowdown!

The battle starts now; Put some cold in your fist; Snowdown arrives with an aerial twist!
1 year ago

Shadow and Fortune: Chapter Four

The doom of the Harrowing is upon Miss Fortune and her unlikely allies as Lucian faces his greatest nemesis. The host of the unliving is everywhere they turn, and the mortal heroes are forced to take shelter in the one place that stands as a beacon of life against the dead, the temple of the Bearded Lady. But even that may not be enough to stop the dead from taking their due and reaping their eternal souls.
1 year ago

Shadow and Fortune: Chapter Three

The dead have their champions too, and the Shadow of War rides into Bilgewater with Thresh as Lucian, Olaf and Miss Fortune join forces to fight the monstrous specters of the Shadow Isles. But as the dead close in, there may be nowhere left to escape their wrath.
1 year ago

Shadow and Fortune: Chapter Two

As the Harrowing engulfs Bilgewater, Miss Fortune and her pirate band venture onto the city streets to fight the host of the unliving. Spirits of the dead sweep through the city’s crooked streets in a shrieking host, hungry for the souls of the living. Olaf meets a foe worthy of granting him an epic death and Lucian feels the presence of one of the Shadow Isles most terrifying specters drawing ever closer...
1 year ago

Shadow and Fortune: Chapter One

Gangplank is no more. But with the Pirate King gone, Bilgewater is tearing itself apart in bloody gang warfare. The cost of Miss Fortune’s victory has been high, and she wreaks vengeance on every ally of her defeated enemy. As the Harrowing descends on Bilgewater, Olaf the Berserker brings a fresh kill to the Slaughter Docks and Lucian the Purifier comes seeking a wraith of the Shadow Isles.
1 year ago

Building Bilgewater: A Pirate Renovation

Foundational world-building plays a huge role in the creation of events like Bilgewater: Burning Tides. Enter Foundations, a dedicated group of Rioters working to shape the building blocks of League’s universe. By exploring the people, customs, and stories of places like Bilgewater, Foundations fleshes out Runeterra’s locales and transforms them into living, breathing places. Take a peek behind the curtain and explore Bilgewater’s roots.
1 year ago

Origins of the Wharf Rat

Take a peek inside the twisted minds of the people who brought the Wharf Rat to life.
2 years ago