Most Recent Patch News

Patch 6.8 notes

Toning down lane sustain and bringing a few champ builds in line in this outrageous patch.
1 week ago

Patch 6.7 notes

Trimming extraneous power from a few champs that are too generally strong. And we buffed Irelia.
3 weeks ago

Patch 6.6 notes

This patch, we zero in on the strategic value some of our specialist champs bring to the rift.
1 month ago

Patch 6.5 notes

This patch, we revisit some of last season’s top picks who’ve fallen by the wayside.
1 month ago

Patch 6.4 notes

A reworked mastery and a (sort of) new one emerge this patch!
2 months ago

Patch 6.3 notes

AD assassins gain a new core item this patch and New Champ Select gets another round of improvements!
2 months ago

Patch 6.2 notes

We’ve got a straightforward preseason followup patch as the Lunar Revel celebration continues!
3 months ago

Patch Rundown 6.1 – Season’s Start ft. Meteos

Scarizard and Zirene are joined by Meteos and gypsylord to talk about the start of season 2016, the new AP jungling item Runic Echoes, diversity in Keystone Masteries, and some spooky, spooky ghosts.
3 months ago

Patch 6.1 notes

New year, new patch! Read up on our latest changes as we look toward the start of the 2016 season.
3 months ago

Patch 5.24 notes

Settle into our last patch of the year with Snowdown and another round of preseason followup changes!
4 months ago