Most Recent Patch News

Patch 5.19 notes

We've got an update for the jungle leashing system and a bunch of bug cleanup in this patch.
1 week ago

Patch Rundown 5.18 - The Worlds Patch

This is the big one. Join Scarizard, Phreak, Feral Pony and Dash for the first of a two part look at the Worlds patch.
3 weeks ago

Patch 5.18 notes

One last round of changes for the World Championship patch!
3 weeks ago

Patch Rundown 5.17 - Almost Worlds ft. ZionSpartan

Scarizard, Zirene, Jag and Counter Logic Gaming’s ZionSpartan tackle 5.17’s biggest changes in today’s rundown. Tune in to learn about balance changes to Maokai, Fizz, Kalista and more as they break down the patch...before the Worlds patch.
1 month ago

Patch 5.17 Notes

Following up on 5.16's brave new world to stabilise the landscape as we begin looking toward Worlds!
1 month ago

Patch Rundown 5.16 - Juggerwhaaaaat? ft. KiWiKiD

Scarizard, Zirene, Statikk and Dignitas’ KiWiKiD tackle 5.16’s biggest changes in today’s rundown. Tune in to learn about the incoming juggernauts, items for these beefy dudes, and a slew of tweaks hitting Kassadin and Lee Sin.
1 month ago

Patch 5.16 notes

Juggernaut updates hit the Rift alongside a host of defensive item adjustments (and a few new ones)!
1 month ago

Upcoming change to patch times

Check out the time change for patch days.
2 months ago

Patch 5.15 notes

Fiora's update, iteration on the new HUD and the return of the Gangplank in this patch!
2 months ago

Patch 5.14 notes

A fleet of updates to the HUD, two champions and more sail into port this patch!
2 months ago