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Meet your nemesis (draft)

We’ve just cranked open the Featured Game Mode workshop and rolled out the team’s latest creation! This time, you’re picking your ENEMIES’ champions before making the most of the champs and comps they pick out for you.
2 weeks ago

SR Summoner Icon promotion ending soon!

The update to Summoner’s Rift is live in all queues, and we’ve been commemorating the open beta with two exclusive icons. The promotion ends on 17/12 at 18:59pm AEDT, so your last chance to nab the unique Summoner’s Rift icons is fast approaching.
2 months ago

Dive into the Preseason 2015 Spotlight

The preseason is our annual opportunity to push League of Legends in new and healthy directions, and we’re focused on strategic diversity this year. For an overview of how we’re shaking things up across the Rift, check out the Preseason Spotlight!
3 months ago

Preseason 2015 begins

The preseason has always been our annual opportunity to push League of Legends in new and healthy directions for the coming year. Our big goal in 2015 is to encourage more strategic diversity. This touches a lot of different areas but it all boils down to giving you more paths to victory so your in-game decisions matter just as much as the champions you pick.
3 months ago

SR Open Beta live in all queues

The update to Summoner’s Rift is live in all SR queues.
3 months ago

Dev Blog: Defining the Rift’s Visual Style

Our goal was to create a style independent of a particular time or place that retains the vibe of Summoner's Rift. This means improving the style, cohesion & fidelity of the art without being held back by technological constraints. Finally, the various aspects of the art style must be aimed at clarifying gameplay to truly give players a more meaningful and immersive experience while playing League.
3 months ago

Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!

For almost six months, we’ve had the updated Summoner’s Rift sitting on PBE as we made tweaks and changes based on your feedback. We’ll soon be moving onto the next phase: open beta. Read on for the details.
4 months ago

Hexakill: Twisted Treeline

Twelve champs collide on League’s most close-quartered map, the Twisted Treeline.
4 months ago

The 2014 Season Ends in November

The 2014 ranked season began in January, and now the battle for League Points draws to a close. The 2014 season ends on November 11, 2014 at 00:01 AEDT. Read on to learn more about end of season rewards.
4 months ago

Ascension – Gameplay Preview

Claim Ascension for yourself by playing the latest Featured Game Mode. Learn more about the game mode and exclusive icons you can earn in Ascension mode at the Shurima website.
5 months ago