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Refer-a-Friend retires in thirty days

Since relaunching RAF earlier this year we’ve been tracking how both new and referring players play with the feature and the results show it’s not helping players find new people to game with. League’s social systems should make it easier and more rewarding to hit the Rift with friends, but RAF just doesn’t meet that bar anymore. Because of that, we’re retiring the program in thirty days.
3 weeks ago

HUD update heads to ranked with 5.15

After two weeks on live servers, we’ve made a few changes based on player feedback ahead of pushing the HUD update to ranked queues alongside patch 5.15. Read on for more about how the HUD update has changed ahead of its ranked debut.
1 month ago

The HUD update hits live

After a few months of polish, we’ve pushed the HUD update out to the non-ranked queues on live. Get in a game and check it out!
1 month ago

The HUD update ready to go live with 5.14!

After an extended stay on the PBE, we’re pushing the HUD update out to the live servers - starting with normal queues - alongside patch 5.14. Read on for the full story, including the updates we’ve made to the update since we pushed it to the PBE.
1 month ago

How to unlock your Mystery Champion

Here’s how to find friends and unlock a Mystery Champ through Facebook friend discovery.
2 months ago

Hexakill heads back to the FGM workshop

It’s a wrap! After watching you guys crush each other in Hexakill’s second run on Twisted Treeline, we’re pulling the mode back off live for more testing and tweaking. Thanks for playing - we’ll be back with more Featured Game Mode news soon!
2 months ago

Get your Hexakills in while you can!

The end is coming! After cavorting around Twisted Treeline for a couple of weeks, it’s almost time for us to pull the Hexakill Featured Game Mode back into the workshop. Get a game going NOW if you want to pull off the hexiest of multikills!
2 months ago

HUD update Q&A 5/6

The Rioters behind the upcoming HUD update are hosting a Q&A session from 7-9 AM AEST on 5/6. Come along if you have any questions or feedback for the team!
2 months ago

We’re sending the HUD update to PBE!

We’re excited to share our in-game HUD update that’s about to land on PBE! This update’s an evolution of the existing UI and is designed to better support the way you play League by improving gameplay clarity through its better layout, improved readability, and added features.
2 months ago

Hexakill’s back and hexier than ever!

Hexier gameplay, hexier Twisted Treeline, hexier… ugh fine, it's pretty much the same. But with bans. Those are new.
3 months ago