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Normal Draft test results

The Normal Draft test period has come to a close, here's what we found.
4 days ago

Queue Update

Normal Draft and Ranked Twisted Treeline are getting a little more love.
1 week ago

Patch 7.20 notes

Evelynn’s update steps into the shadows of the Rift as preseason draws closer.
1 week ago

2017 ranked season ends November 7

A new Victorious skin for Graves, different ways to show off your final ranking, and a reworked ward skin are all available in this year’s offering. We’re also adding rewards for fighting with Honor.
2 weeks ago

Ranked and Draft queue update

Get draftin' every day for the next two weeks and/or ramp up your Ranked games
2 weeks ago

Account Transfers Going on Cooldown

Account transfers are going to be temporarily unavailable while we get ready for preseason.
3 weeks ago

Patch 7.19 notes

Azir and Xin Zhao get updates, and we visit a few balance problems like Janna, Ardent Censer, and Bramble Vest.
3 weeks ago

Preseason Update: Forge Your Path

Discover powerful new runes, create your playstyle, and level to infinity. Coming this preseason.
3 weeks ago

Star Guardian event ending soon

Don’t forget to catch First Star loading screen borders for the new skins before the Star Guardian event fades away.
1 month ago

Honor Capsule update delivers new drop rate

We added bad luck protection to Honor Capsule drop rates.
1 month ago