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Watch “Chase Your Legend: Doublelift”

Ambition is a relentless drive to succeed, and one of many attributes of a champion. The pursuit of mastery is an endless journey, but those who persevere etch their names in history.
1 month ago

Relive Worlds 2016

Worlds 2016 showcased the grandeur of the year’s marquee event. One team stood above the rest.
1 month ago

11 teams Dire Wolves could face at Worlds

Breaking down the Wolfpack’s potential opponents and their prospects of beating them.
1 month ago

2017 World Championship News and Updates

Your one-stop-shop for everything Worlds 2017, from player features to match highlights.
1 month ago

The OPL Show: Grand Final Edition

Pull up a pew with Hingers, Spawn and Fish this Friday from 5pm AEST
1 month ago

Patch Notes & Predictions with Fish and Spawn

Diversity is the name of the game as we head into the Grand Final, and our casters are expecting plenty of spice...
1 month ago

Experience the OPL Grand Final at HOYTS

Tickets are still available at select cinemas in Australia and New Zealand, don’t miss out!
1 month ago

OPL Gauntlet Recap

Teams have never been closer in skill, but a huge Finals Gauntlet saw the once dominant dynasty return to form
1 month ago

How Chiefs dominated the Finals Gauntlet

Sinderella is dead, but someone else had a ball...
1 month ago

How will you watch the OPL Grand Final?

Amongst the crowd at an electric viewing party, on your friend’s couch or at home in your jocks?
2 months ago