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5 times OPL teams resisted the meta and won

Oceania's got Talon.
4 days ago

2017 International Events

MSI 2017 is going to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 28 - May 21. Worlds 2017 is heading to China including Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai from September 23 - October 29. At the Finals on November 4, we’ll be crowning our new World Champions from the Beijing National Stadium aka the Bird’s Nest.
1 week ago

2017 World Championship Update

Worlds 2017 will be a 24 team-tournament in China with teams from all 13 LoL professional leagues.
1 week ago

2017 Mid-Season Invitational Update

MSI 2017 will now be a 13-team tournament with representatives from all 13 LoL professional Leagues.Regional seed placement will be based on previous results from the past two years of MSI and Worlds. MSI 2017 results will continue to impact Worlds 2017 regional seeds.
1 week ago

2017 Global Competitive Event Locations

Explore the locations of our 2017 global competitive esports events: the 2017 League of Legends Worlds Championship and the Mid-Season Invitational.
1 week ago

Five reasons to watch OPL: Week 3

More Camille! More Ziggs! And the debut of Shernfire?
2 weeks ago

Can Dire Wolves live up to the hype?

After an epic preseason and a roller coaster start, time to take a closer look.
2 weeks ago

How to play Camille (a bit) like Chippys

They finally let her through! They probably regret it.
2 weeks ago

Tune in to the OPL Podcast!

Join Spawn, Fish and Hingers as they talk all things OPL.
3 weeks ago

Match of the Week: Tainted Minds vs Chiefs

Can Tainted Minds deliver on their promise to topple the dynasty?
3 weeks ago