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The Battle for Oceania: Dire Wolves vs. Chiefs

The fate of four teams will be decided in the final match of regular games, with both teams building very different narratives...
2 days ago

Who will have to run the Gauntlet?

The last week of regular games is almost here, with two key games drastically affecting each team’s chances of making the final...
3 days ago

How to mid (a bit) like ry0ma

Sin's mid-lane carry has been showing off his flashy moves all split, it's high time we learnt a thing or two.
4 days ago

OPL Recap

A huge weekend of games places the onus on teams to perform or perish as we approach the final week of regular games
5 days ago

Behind the Teams: Avant vs. Sin

AV are confident going up against Sin this weekend, but Sin won’t be so easily bested.
1 week ago

OPL Recap

A dominant week across the board managed to deliver some strange surprises...
1 week ago

OPL Recap

Super Week II brought some decisive victories as teams fight for first place.
2 weeks ago

Super Week by the numbers

Super Week One flipped the ladder, now it’s time for Super Week Two to really shake things up...
3 weeks ago

OPL Recap

Super Week 1 was action packed, with plenty of back and forth battles transforming the ladder
3 weeks ago

Revisit the Dire Wolves AMA

Dire Wolves hit the boards on July 27th to chat all things esports
4 weeks ago