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OPL Recap

Catch up on all drama from a weekend of promising starts and broken hearts
1 day ago

Behind the Team: TM

The TM squad talk goals and strategy as today’s match draws near
3 days ago

The War Room: Episode 1

Jake Spawn Tiberi delves into the strategy behind key OPL plays. This week? TM’s jungle tactics.
5 days ago

How to use Rift Herald like an OPL pro

The good, the bad and the ugly of the tower-pushing monster buff.
1 week ago

OPL Recap

Catch up on some heavy-handed team fights from the weekend's games
1 week ago

How to play Xayah (a bit) like Raes

When feathers fly, champions die
1 week ago

Post Match Lobby: Claire

VIDEO: Claire talks Week 1’s game vs Sin Gaming
1 week ago

a.k.a Juves

Meet Brandon Defina a.k.a. Juves, star Jungler of Sin Gaming
2 weeks ago

OPL Split 2 Begins

VIDEO: The Oceanic Pro League returns 10th June 2017 and airs every Saturday and Sunday from 3pm AEST
3 weeks ago

OPL Split 2 Tipping now live

Get tipping for bragging rights, IP and UberEATS goodies
3 weeks ago